MOHAMED ALGARMI is a second-year graduate student in the English MA program at CSUEB. He was recently accepted into SFSU’s MFA program. He is a full-time English teacher at Centerville Junior High in Fremont. Mohamed was born and raised in Oakland, and resides in Hayward with his beautiful wife and lovely three-year-old son.

DESIREE ALLEN is a senior at CSUEB, graduating in Spring 2018 with a BA in English. She began writing poetry in middle school, and fiction in 2010. Under the pseudonym Desiree LaTrice, she has self-published two fiction books and one book of poetry. She is currently working on her fourth book.

ALDEN APUSEN is an aspiring rapper, dancer, and writer. A senior at CSUEB, he’s graduating this Spring with a BA in English with a creative writing focus. He’s a Manteca native and hopes to represent for his friends and family back home.

MATT BIUNDO is a first-year graduate student at CSUEB, and the editor of Occam’s Razor.

HEATHER CAMPBELL is an English major with a creative writing focus at CSUEB. She is working full time while attempting to obtain her Bachelor’s degree.

JENNIFER CORTI graduates this year with a BA in Literature and a minor in Creative Writing. She still believes in magic and monsters.

KEANU CORREIA DASALLA is a second-year English major at CSUEB. He draws on a wide-range of mediums for inspiration; from film and television to music and video games, he enjoys immersing himself in new and interesting perspectives. He thanks his family for their unwavering encouragement.

MELISSA EDWARDS is a single mother who transferred to CSUEB for a BA in English. Her love of writing started when she was first introduced to the creative nonfiction genre in her second quarter. Her other interests include cultural studies, languages, philosophy, Mean Girls, and the Harry Potter series.

ANNA M. GOMEZ is a senior at CSUEB, pursuing a degree in psychology and minor in creative writing. She is a Bay Area native, a mother, and in her free time enjoys music, gardening and playing with her cat. She plans to enroll in an MFA writing program after graduation.

NOELLE HENNINGS is an English major with an emphasis in creative writing in her junior year at CSUEB. She enjoys drawing, painting, and cooking in her free time.

BARBARA HERNANDEZ is a reader and a writer. You can often find her with a comic book.

CHRISTOPHER HESTER is a junior at CSUEB majoring in creative writing. Once he finishes his degree, he plans to either go into a singing career or be an author.

TAMARA HURWITZ is an undergraduate at CSUEB after transferring from Diablo Valley College, where she received an Irene Ryan nomination for her leading role in a production of The Diary of Anne Frank. She is currently a supplementary instructor and is working towards her teaching credential.

HANNA LE is a senior at CSUEB majoring in English with an emphasis in creative writing. She is a Los Angeles native and plans to live abroad after graduating, before pursuing a career in teaching or librarianship.

MICHAEL LEUNG is an English major with an option in creative writing. Although he was born in Oakland, his family relocated often. From the heart of The Bay, to the sunny Central Valley, Michael is no stranger to new experiences. He now comfortably resides in the suburbs of San Ramon.

KEZIA MARSHALL grew up in the East Bay and now lives with her husband, daughter, and cat in Hayward.

JASON NORRIS is eager to graduate from CSUEB in the Spring! He is a business major with a concentration in Finance, but was pleased to discover a new interest in creative nonfiction along the way.

VICTORIA QUISTGAARD is an English creative writing major with a minor in psychology, and she will attend the MFA program at St. Mary’s College in Fall, 2018. She has lived in California for six years and constantly complains about the traffic.

JORDAN RODRIGUEZ is a high school English teacher in San Leandro Unified School District, and a graduate student in English at CSUEB. He hails from Riverside, CA.

FRANCESCA SANTOS is a Bay Area native who graduated from CSUEB in June 2016 with a degree in English with the creative writing option. She is currently a second-year graduate student who enjoys nature photography and writing creative nonfiction.

WYATT SLANEC is a senior at CSUEB, majoring in English with a creative writing focus. He is a Bay Area native and plans to teach English after graduation.

JACQUELYN SPENCE graduated with a BA in English literature from the UC Berkeley English department and is currently completing her MA in English with an emphasis in creative writing at CSUEB. After graduating, she plans to pursue a doctorate in English literature.

BRIANNA VERDUGO is a writer residing in California.

KATRINA WEDDING is a teacher and a writer. She will graduate from CSUEB this summer with an MA in English. She lives with her husband and two-year-old son in Santa Cruz, where they spend their free time sifting the coastline for natural discoveries. She would like to thank the professors of the English Department for teaching her how to write, and for their wisdom and enduring support.

JAMEY L. WILLIAMS II is an internationally touring spoken word artist who was dubbed “The Nicest Poet in the Country” at the 2017 National Poetry Slam.

KELAN YOUNG is an aspiring writer from Concord. He has a wife and live-in cat.