Beatriz Alvarez

Creative Non-Fiction Honorable Mention, “Little Chapel on the Strip”

Flash Fiction, “Hollywoodland”

Beatriz Alvarez is a junior majoring in English with an option in Creative Writing. She lists family, music, and Edgar A. Poe as her cure to writer’s block. She is a native Californian with her two favorite cities being Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Dale Bass

Creative Non-Fiction Second Honorable Mention, “The Green Flash”

Dale Bass is an English undergraduate at CSU East Bay, with an option in creative writing. He was born in San Diego.

Mary Bird

Fiction Second Place, “Earthenware”

After many years’ longing for a college degree, Mary Bird finally got her B.A. in English from CSUEB in 2010. As an undergraduate, an unexpected first prize in Creative Non-Fiction proved thrilling, as was her selection later for a literary conference. Since then she has been studying here for her M.A., also in English. She is happiest while luxuriating in words.

Casey Cantrell

DeClercq Poems Second Honorable Mention, “The Worried Man Meets the Angry Woman”

Casey Cantrell is a first-year graduate student in the English Master’s program at Cal State University, East Bay. He is part of the editorial teams for Arroyo Literary Review and Occam’s Razor. This is his first creative publication. He currently resides in Oakland, California.

Luis Guilin

Flash Fiction, “Plaid”

Flash Fiction, “Shift Change”

Luis Guilin is the editor of Occam’s Razor, and worked on the staff of CSU East Bay’s literary magazine The Arroyo as well. He is a senior getting his degree in English literature with a minor in creative writing. He hopes to have a career in editorial work after he graduates.

Katy Hake

Fiction Third Honorable Mention, “Chilled Coffee”

Katy Hake is originally from Sacramento with a brother, dad, and a very supportive mother. She is finishing up her last quarter at Cal State East Bay to get her Bachelor’s Degree in English. She is a twenty three year old who loves dogs, the outdoors, and fitness.

Allen Jang

Markos Poem Honorable Mention, “Minimalist Space Opera”

Allen Jang majors in English, the least Asian of all subjects. He currently resides in Fremont, California, where he spends his time drawing, listening to music, and thinking about writing.

Katelyn Lucas

Markos Poem First Place, “Weight”

Katelyn Lucas is a Hayward native who has represented the Bay Area since 2010 at multiple National Poetry Slam events. In 2014, Katelyn had her television debut as a featured poet on the cable television show Lexus Verses and Flow and was named as one of her former high school’s Top 30 Grads Under 30. Her work was recently published in Write Bloody Press’ Learn Then Burn II, an anthology of contemporary poetry designed to excite and engage young people and teachers about poetry. The collection has found a home in classrooms from Chicago to Mongolia.

Darlene Martinez

DeClercq Poem Second Place, “Aunt Helen”

Markos Poem Second Place, “The House on 53rd Street”

My name is Darlene Martinez. I received a bachelor’s degree in English at CSUEB. I graduate with a master’s degree this winter. Currently I am a caretaker for my family. Past work experience includes positions at Alameda County Juvenile Hall, Oakland Housing Authority, and the U. S. Marine Corps.

Katherine Matuszak

Fiction Second Honorable Mention, “Neighbors”

Katherine Matuszak is a senior at Cal State East Bay completing her B.A. in English Creative Writing. She currently works as Associate Editor and contributing writer for 65°, 57° and Up.St.ART Annapolis magazines.

Jennifer Naslund

Markos Poem Third Place, “Bracelet”

Jennifer Naslund graduated winter 2015 from CSU East Bay with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Creative Writing Option and a Minor in Marketing. Upon completing her education Jennifer accepted a job at a tech start-up in the Bay Area. She currently resides in Hayward, working by day and writing by night.

Carmen Navarro-Perez

Flash Non-Ficition, “Querido Papa”

Fiction Third Place, “April 8, 2005”

Carmen Navarro-Perez is a first generation San Franciscan, born to a Mexican Father and a Guatemalan Mother. Carmen currently lives in Oakland and enjoys spending time outdoors but usually in the shade. Carmen is an avid reader, as well as a true lover of cheese and potatoes.

Aurora Ramos

Flash Fiction “King of the Jungle”

Aurora Ramos is a third year at CSU East Bay and is majoring in English with an option in Creative Writing and a minor in Sociology. She plans to pursue a teaching career after graduation.

Peter Reinke

Fiction First Place, “The Itch”

Flash Fiction First Honorable Mention, “Filling In”

Peter Reinke was full of ideas until he popped in 2009. He’s been picking them up and putting them to paper ever since. He’s currently writing a string of first chapters to unwritten novels, frustrating friends and readers. He studied English and graduated from CSUEB in 2015.

Daniel Riddle Rodriguez

Creative Non-Fiction Second Place, “How to Flirt with Crime”

Markos Poem Honorable Mention, “How to Make Lemonade”

Flash Fiction First Place, “Rules of the Game”

Daniel Riddle Rodriguez’s real name is Daniel Riddle Rodriguez. He is a full-time student and father from San Lorenzo, California, where he lives with his son. Previous and forthcoming publications include Juked, Prairie Schooner, Gulf Stream Magazine, Fourteen Hills, and The Ampersand Review. He is thrilled to be here.

Trevor Ruth

DeClercq Poem Third Place, “This is a Kitchen”

Trevor Ruth is an undergraduate student at Cal State East Bay, looking to obtain his degree in Creative Writing. He has been published in five previous anthologies and continues to write short fiction and poetry but hopes to work on a novel, soon.

Muhammad Shareef

Flash Ficition, “I Seen a Cake When I Died”

Muhammad Shareef is an English major with an emphasis in creative writing. He discovered his love for reading and writing in high school when he figured out that he could create his own world through literature. Shareef enjoys writing both fiction and non-fiction especially in short stories. Muhammad Shareef works hard in hopes that one day his work will get published.

Stacie Tomita

Creative Non-Fiction Third Honorable Mention, “In the Garden”

Stacie is a graduate student at CSU East Bay. Born and raised on the island of Oahu, she has enjoyed living in the Bay Area for the last nine years.

Catherine Wolff

DeClercq Poem First Honorable Mention, “Still”

Catherine Wolff grew up in Westlake Village, California. She received her B.A. in English with a minor in Theatre from Sonoma State University and is completing her M.A. in English at CSUEB. She is a freelance writer and comedian, and lives with her husband and daughter in the Bay Area.


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